Friday, January 20, 2012

The C bomb

I used to work on construction sites doing admin work.  It was great.  Get up at the crack of dawn, pull some jeans over my pyjamas, throw on the steel toed boots and off I go.  Nobody cared what anyone looked like, could tell your boss to fuck off cause he was an easy going construction guy and wouldn't respect you unless you spoke to him any other way.

This is where I learnt to swear like a dirty sailor.  I can swear like the best of them.  It has been 7 years since I worked on a site, because I chose to do the hardest job in the world and stay at home with my kids, and still my mouth is the dirtiest mouth around.  You would think it would have cleaned up a bit after all these years.  Nope, its still filthy.  

I love to read the blogs of mums who tell it as it is.  They don't sugar coat themselves to look like they live up to the perfect Mom standard.  No they tell the truth.  But what I notice the most is that these mums can drop and F bomb like the best of us....or maybe the worst of us.  It makes my heart sing to see those words down.  But really how can you get across how trying your day was unless you bring out the big words?
My favourite word is the word that only the bravest of bloggers could use.  I don't think I have ever seen it on a blog actually.   What hilly billy bitch would actually use it?   
Thats right, my favourite word is the word that all women (especially the "perfect" ones) cringe when they hear it.   The word that brings out gasps of "oh my god, you cheap hoar, how could you say such a derogative word?"

That word says exactly how I feel about someone.  Its sharp and precise.  I don't use it often.  I save it for that special someone.  That person that really fucks you over and enjoys it.   But when I say that word it brings great joy to me.  

I use the F word in front of my kids and then say "You know only adults can say that word.  I better not ever hear that word come out of your mouth or you will be in BIG trouble".  Can you say double standard?
I use the F word in front of other peoples kids and then quickly cover my mouth and say "oh my god, Im so sorry.  Whatever must you think of me?"  

Lets face it.  After a long day at home with the kids and they won't do what you say after the kazillionth time, who could blame you for dropping any swear word.  And after all it is just a word and it makes me feel gooood.

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