Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stupid Questions

"There are no stupid questions." That's what I have been told, but even after being told that I always feel that quite a few of mine are quite stupid and are then afraid to ask them. But on the rare occasion that I really want to know the answer to that stupid question I find myself reassuring myself that someone else in the group is relieved that I asked the same stupid question they were thinking. Whats the chances? Probably slim to none but it makes me feel better all the same. And all the great reassures in the world (mainly my mum) have also told me the same.
But no more. From now on I'm going stupid all the way. I think up most of these questions while in the shower. Lets be honest, thats where I do most of my thinking for the day. Probably the reason I forget if I have already washed my hair or not.

Question No. 1. While showering is it best to shampoo your hair and leave the suds in while washing other areas of the body or should you rinse right after you have rubbed it all in?

I really need to know the answers to these questions. So feel free to answer......Please.

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