Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kids these days.....geez louise.

My thoughts in the shower this morning didn't really ask any questions.  All I had on my mind was my niece (on my husbands side).    She is 17 years old.   We weren't sure what to buy her for xmas this year.  In the previous years we have bought her quite expensive trendy hoodies, clothes, etc... only to see her mum (who is quite a bit smaller than her) wearing the clothes instead.   I always include the gift receipt so there is no reason she cant return it.   This year we decided to give her and her brother money.  Well, we forgot to go to the bank on the way out to my in-laws acreage for xmas and there are no bank machines near where they live and it was xmas day when we left.  Yes, bad aunt and uncle -bad bad bad and thoughtless.  When they showed up for xmas day I kinda told her a white lie and said we forgot her xmas present (which we did) and we would bring it to her house later on (which I had full intentions of doing).......So I guess I didn't really lie.   Well its been 11 days into the new year and I have not done what I said.   Bad, bad Aunt and Uncle.  Yesterday while I was stalking people on Facebook - cause lets be honest, thats the whole point of Facebook isn't it?  she instant messaged me saying: 

"just letting you know on christmas you guys coulda just told us that you guys didn't get us a christmas present & you didnt have to tell us that you were going to deliever our presents , . just saying" .

I was quite taken aback.  My first thought was, You greedy spoilt bitch.  My second thought was, Wow, you  have some balls.  And then I felt embarrassed that it was the truth she was speaking.  I would never have the guts to say that to one of my older relatives when I was her age.  I would just suck up the loss and go on with my life.
So,  do I commend my niece for calling us on being thoughtless or do I criticize my niece for being rude and cocky?

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